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Making Time for Creativity

Making Time for Creativity

| Ashton Womack

Artist is my job title, yet it’s difficult for me to find time to draw or paint between  all of the tasks that are essential to my business - like emails, packing orders, taking photographs, cutting stickers, and so on.

It’s easy for a day or even a week to pass by without me creating something. So, this has been a super refreshing practice to get back into my paints and sketchbooks and just have fun! Even if the outcome isn’t something that is directly making money for my business, it’s helping to keep my creative muscles strong. 

So, how about you? How much time do you spend creating? I challenge you to spend 15 minutes on creativity this week. Something just for yourself, to make you feel creative and crafty, especially if (like me) it’s been a while.

Finding Time for Creativity 

Finding time to do something for yourself can be difficult - so I have a suggestion for you. Put your phone/tablet/computer in another room while you do your creative thing. (This always works for me!) 

Even if you think you don’t spend a lot of time scrolling and tapping, you probably will be surprised at how much time you’re able to reclaim by putting your devices out of your reach.

Ideas for your Creative Time

If you’re thinking, OK, cool, but what do I do now? Here are some ideas to try:

  • Plan out next week using a supply you don’t normally use (a large sticker, a brightly colored highlighter, a new pen, washi tape in a color you don’t normally use)
  • Doodle on a blank sheet of paper. No fancy art skills required to be a doodler.  
  • Clip flowers from your yard or garden and arrange them into a bouquet 
  • Make a mind map of all the tasks, ideas, and problems floating around in your head (this always helps me feel less overwhelmed)
  • Pull a few items from your closet to create an outfit combination you’ve never worn before. Create a few new outfits for next week.
Creativity Cards Planner Printable

I made something for you to help remind you to make time to be creative each day. I created printable cards in both 3”x4” and business card sizes, and you can download them here. Print them out for use in your planner or journal. I printed mine on both card stock and vellum paper.

I’ve also designed a matching floral vinyl decal, which is in the shop.

I hope you’re able to find a little time for creativity this week. If you do, I’d love to hear what you did. Comment below and tell me about it!



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