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Minimalist Planner Stickers | Virgo and Paper

This sticker collection is for the planner minimalists out there - those who love a neutral color palette & are focused on functional planning. Customize your planner with some of our more polished and simple sticker designs!
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  2. Clear Holidays Script Stickers
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  3. Clear Mini Hand Drawn Floral Jan-Dec Monthly Labels
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  4. Clear Hand Drawn Floral Jan-Dec Monthly Labels
  5. Clear Holidays Script Stickers 2.0
  6. Clear New Moon & Full Moon Labels
  7. Clear Mini Icon Stickers
  8. Mini Moon Phase Stickers
  9. Affirmation Planner Stickers - Learn & Grow
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  10. Clear Tab Label Stickers v.2
  11. Affirmation Planner Stickers - Strength in Hard Times
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  12. Mini Day of the Week Labels
  13. Clear Number Stickers
  14. Affirmation Planner Stickers - Work & Money
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  16. Clear Birthday Icon Stickers
  17. Clear Mini Day of the Week Labels
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  20. Affirmation Planner Stickers - for Moms
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