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Virgo and Paper is a collection of hand-drawn stickers that are perfect for your planner.

The process begins with hand-drawn artwork, created by Ashton. Our stickers are offered in original sticker sheets, multi-sheet collections and die cut sticker packs. 

Because they're tiny, stickers are the best way to organize tasks + keep memories in small spaces - your planner, journal or calendar.

These little stickers are cheerleaders for goal setting and planning your life easily. 

My hope is that my designs will inspire you to organize your schedule, celebrate your victories, and make it fun for you to plan out your dreams on a daily basis. Enjoy!

 About Ashton

I’m Ashton, and I’m a textbook Virgo. I’ve always loved art, my planner, and all things paper. Looking for a way to stay on top of my busy schedule while in college, working, and planning my wedding, I started creating stickers in 2015 to make my schedule more fun. Virgo and Paper was the natural result of my organized personality combined with my creative side. I hope you love my original sticker designs!

I live in Atlanta, GA, with my husband J and my playful Jack Russell/Chihuahua pup, Nebula. We recently renovated our small house and now I have a cozy studio space that gets lots of light! I also like to work at the many coffee shops here in ATL. When I’m not working on Virgo and Paper, I love walking my neighborhood, painting, reading, and DIY projects.

If you’d like to get in touch or have questions, please contact me! I’d love to hear from you.