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How I Journal in my Hobonichi Cousin (midyear planner update!)

How I Journal in my Hobonichi Cousin (midyear planner update!)

| Ashton Womack

As the year is halfway through, I’m reflecting on how I’ve been using my 2021 Hobonichi Cousin.

This is my third year in a Hobonochi Cousin. For me, it’s an all in one journal and planner. I tend to call it my journal, because it holds so much of my personal thoughts and notes. I adore this thing!


I love it for the amount of content that somehow fits into just one A5 sized notebook. The planner includes annual, monthly, weekly and daily planning pages for an entire year!

I also use sticker kits I’ve designed specifically for the Cousin to customize my planner and make it work for me. In this post, I’m sharing photos from May and June in the planner to show some of the ways I use my weekly and daily pages.

Hope you enjoyed this look into my Hobonichi Cousin planner! If you have any questions, definitely leave them below so we can chat about planners.

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