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Announcing my first online art class! Express Yourself through Art Journaling

Announcing my first online art class! Express Yourself through Art Journaling

| Ashton Womack

It’s been a dream of mine (for the past ten years or so) to teach an art class online, and I am so thrilled to announce that my first ever online class is here! 🎉

It's called Express Yourself Through Art Journaling and it is now live on Skillshare.

In the class, we’ll dive into a favorite hobby of mine - art journaling - as a simple and playful method to visually document your daily thoughts and feelings.

The class is perfect for both beginners and experienced artists willing to experiment with their art supplies and have fun with their art. Art journaling is a great way to use up the various craft supplies, stickers, and ephemera that we creatives love to collect.

If you're interested in starting your own art journal or learning more about journaling - this class will be perfect for you!

You will need to have a Skillshare membership to watch the class. But don’t worry - if you don’t already have a membership, I have a link for you to get one month free of a Skillshare membership so that you can take my new class - as well as the many other classes on Skillshare! 😄

I have had my own a Skillshare membership for a while and enjoy watching classes on art, creativity, and business.. there are so many good ones. Two classes I have really enjoyed are Leah Goren’s class, Illustration & Inspiration: Keeping a Sketchbook, as well as Start Drawing: 3 Fun, Freeing Exercises to Spark Your Creativity by Carly Kuhn.

If you do take my class, Express Yourself Through Art Journaling, a review on Skillshare would be much appreciated as it will help me promote the class. Thank you so much for your support! 💕



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