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Sustainability is a big focus at Virgo and Paper. Sticker sheets cannot be recycled in most areas due to the sticker adhesive, so I’ve worked to make the rest of the shop as eco-friendly as possible!

About Our Packaging

  • Our envelopes are made from 100% recycled material, 90% post-consumer waste. Our shipping labels are 100% recyclable, too!
  • Stickers are packaged in 100% recycled plastic bags. (Our plastic bags can be recycled at thin-film plastic bag drop off stations which can be found at many retailers such as Target, Publix, and more. Find a location here.)
  • Business cards/postcards included in your order are printed on FSC certified recycled card stock and are recyclable.

In the Studio

  • I responsibly recycle paper scraps, shipping label backings, ink cartridges, electronics, boxes, and other shop waste products.

How You Can Help

  • Use up all your stickers! The best way to keep stickers out of the trash is to use them all :) Other fun ways to use stickers:
    •  Decorate an envelope, greeting card, or wall calendar
    •  Swap stickers with a planner friend
    •  Kids love stickers! Share them with a little one
  • Re-use our packaging to send mail to a friend
  • When you're done with them, please recycle our envelopes, business cards, and postcards


Thank you for helping me keep our footprint small!