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Moon Phase Vinyl Decal

  • $4.80

Decorate your planner with the phases of the moon! Choose from 3 colors. This listing is for a set of TWO moon phase decals.

Each decal is 4.25" wide x 0.75" tall.


  • Rose - slightly shiny rose color.
  • Dahlia - black with subtle glitter that shines only in the light!
  • Orchid - Opalescent with blue/purple/white


Please note: This decal is has a delicate design, so take your time applying it. Make sure you apply the decal to a nonporous surface such as glass or plastic. It's not intended to stick to porous surfaces such as paper or card stock. If applying the decal to drink ware, it will need to be hand washed using soap and water only. (Decals are not dishwasher/microwave safe.) With proper care, vinyl decals are meant for indoor or outdoor use and can last for several years! When the decal has reached the end of its life, gently peel it away to remove. If any sticky residue is left, you can use a bit of coconut oil to remove it (this trick works wonders!)


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