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New Releases - February 15

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  1. Clear Just Rosy Floral Stickers
  2. Cousin Weekly Kit Just Rosy v.1
  3. Clear Holidays Script Stickers vol.2
  4. Cousin Weekly Kit Just Rosy v.2
  5. H. Cousin Weekly Date Covers - Just Rosy
  6. Just Rosy Weeks Monthly Kit
  7. Just Rosy v.1 Simple Weeks Weekly Kit
  8. Cousin Monthly Kit Just Rosy
  9. Clear Just Rosy Floral Shape Stickers
  10. Clear Birthday Icon Stickers
  11. Just Rosy v.2 Simple Weeks Weekly Kit
  12. Weekly Habit Trackers - Just Rosy
  13. H. A6 Techo Monthly Sticker Kit - Just Rosy
  14. Teeny Tiny Event Boxes - Just Rosy
  15. Clear Mini Day of the Week Labels
  16. Just Rosy Dot Stickers
  17. Tiny Event Boxes - Just Rosy
  18. Clear TV Icon Stickers