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All About Our Vinyl Decals!

I am beyond thrilled to introduce a new line of products to Virgo and Paper. I’ve always loved the look of vinyl decals so when I saw the planner community finding use for them, I knew I wanted to make some of my own!

So today our vinyls are launching with 2 hand lettered designs and 5 vinyl colors. I hope you’ll love the color selection… let me know which one is your favorite!

Vinyl Decals from Virgo and Paper

Vinyl Color Options

We currently offer the following color choices for our decals:

A. Rose - slightly shiny rose color.
B. Marigold - translucent orange glitter.
C. Dahlia - black with subtle glitter that shines only in the light!
D. Daisy - Opalescent with pink/yellow/orange
E. Orchid - Opalescent with blue/purple/white


Vinyl Decal Colors

What can you stick Vinyl Decals to?

Decals are intended for nonporous surfaces like plastic, glass or ceramic. They work well on a phone case, window, or drinkware (although you'll need to hand wash).

Decals won't adhere to any linen or fabric material. They are not intended for paper.  I have been able to put some of them on paper, but sometimes the paper will rip, especially if it's thin. 

In your planner, they will work best on a laminated surface like a dashboard or divider, or a smooth notebook cover.  I would love to see how you're using them in your planner - tag me @virgoandpaper. 

How to Apply Vinyl Decals

  1. Clean the surface you’d like to put your decal on. 
  2. Remove paper backing from the decal. Make sure the vinyl stays on the clear tape!
  3. Stick one edge of the transfer tape on your surface. Slowly push out air bubbles as you apply the decal from one side to the other.  
  4. If there are air bubbles remaining, you can use a plastic card to remove them working from the center towards the outer edge. 
  5. Once the decal is applied, slowly peel away the clear transfer tape at a sharp angle.



How to Care for your Vinyl Decals

  • Use decal on a nonporous surface such as a car window, phone case, drinkware, etc.
  • Decals last up to several years, for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Use a damp cloth to gently clean if needed.
  • For drinkware use, hand wash only & don’t microwave.

Thank you for checking out our new vinyl decals! If you have any questions about vinyl decals, feel free to comment below.

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